Maintain Safety in a Live-Work Space

In urban areas, especially those with large populations and growth, it is likely that there will be spaces designated for both living and work. Some of these may be lofts used by artists, while others will have businesses on the first level with housing above it. Some owners also purchase older homes that are now being used as commercial buildings and create their own live-work center. If you reside on one level of your building and manage your business on the other, here are some ways to maintain safety for home and for your business.

Install separate locks and alarms

The first thing that you will learn in a shared live-work environment is that you need to make a distinction between your work space and your living space. You do not want to feel like you are at work all of the time. Install separate alarms for your home doors and windows and your building doors and windows. In the event of a breach, you need to know which part of the building has been penetrated. Have a commercial locksmith service like Hicks Safes & Locks Inc advise you on the best locks for each space and install proper alarms for the entire building.

Create separate entrances

If possible, separate entrances can help keep your business and home safe. In very high-population cities, many of the live-work spaces will have the residential entrance slightly higher, such as up a flight of steps, while the work space can be entered directly from the streets. If there is only one door, block off your living area for your safety. This can be done by building a false wall, or even installing a door inside of a previously opened hallway. Separate entrances may also be called for in order to keep your residential insurance and commercial insurance separate.

Keep your personal possessions out of sight

When the lines of business and personal residence are blurred, it is a good idea to protect your personal investment. If possible, park your car out of the view of the public and keep any valuables, personal or business, out of the vehicle. While opening the windows of your business is inviting and necessary for lighting purposes, be sure to close the windows of your personal home. People may mistake the lights of your home as the lights of your commercial building if they are exposed to the outside. Also, with proper window panels or shutters, no one will be able to scope out your personal home and possessions, which can decrease the possibility of a break in.  

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