3 Connections Your Office Managers Should Always Have Access To

If you're like many business owners who leave an office manager in charge while they are away, you know how important it is to rely on managers' abilities to not only maintain effective performance among employees and ensure proper policy adherence overall, but also to properly handle emergencies if and when they arise to avoid confusion, injuries, or loss of profits whenever possible. To ensure peace of mind and a safe workplace for all, consider the following connections that your office managers should always have access to:

Locksmith Services

One of the least productive things that can happen is an office manager being locked out of the office at the beginning of the day when employees are waiting to get inside and get to work. Things happen, and there may very well be a time when a manager loses their keys and can't open or close the office safely, or even has them stolen, which creates the risk of illegal entry during off-hours. Make sure that you're on file with a local locksmith so that when a manager has a lock or key problem, they can simply make a call and have a new set of keys delivered, or have new locks installed along with new keys distributed altogether. A company like Suburban Lock can give you more information.

Security Support

Security is extremely important, even when there are small situations, such as an upset employee, to deal with. In situations where there is a security concern that does not require police assistance, it would be nice for your office manager to be able to contact a security company and have a peace officer sent over to help sort things out. Better yet, hire a security company to send a representative to your office once or twice a day for support, or have a security guard set up camp onsite throughout the day.

IT Technicians

If your employees rely on computers to get their work done, any malfunction or program corruption will negatively affect production as well as profits until the problem is fixed. You may have an IT staff on board, but if they can't fix a problem within just a few minutes, it may be a good idea to call some reinforcements in.

If you don't have an IT department, your employees won't be able to perform until your office manager can find someone to fix the problem being faced. So it's a good idea to hire a virtual IT team that can tap into your company's intranet and work on problems that arise from afar. As long as your office can connect to the Internet, you should be able to benefit from virtual IT assistance.

Don't just leave phone numbers for local service providers in your area – take the time to check out references and discuss contract options with each type of provider before choosing one to work with. The goal is to create a long-term trusting relationship with your service providers so you don't have to worry about micromanagement in order to ensure that your company is fairly treated and billed. 

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