3 Reasons To Call A Locksmith (Even If You Haven't Locked Yourself Out)

Locksmiths offer an invaluable service that nearly everybody has taken advantage of - getting you into your home or apartment after you've locked yourself out. But did you know locksmiths offer a variety of services beyond just picking locks? Take a look below at just three of the solutions a professional locksmith can help provide.

Re-Keying Locks

Replacing a whole lock is expensive, and the cost for replacing several locks is beyond what most people budget for. Fortunately, replacing an entire lock is rarely necessary, unless your home has been broken into and the lock is severely damaged. Instead, locksmiths can re-key your lock, changing the pattern so that all existing keys are now rendered useless. If you're a landlord who has new tenants or you've bought a house and don't know if the previous owners still have a set of keys, re-keying your locks is usually the ideal solution that's still budget-friendly. 

Electronic Locks

Not every lock has a key - or rather, the keys aren't the kind you can keep on a key chain. Electronic locks are becoming more popular as technology improves and security issues become less of a concern. But because electronic locks can't be picked, most people assume that locksmiths can't be of any help. On the contrary, professional locksmiths are more than familiar with electronic lock systems of the type used in safes and high-security buildings, and can help you disarm the lock or re-program it for later access.

Testing Lock Systems

High security lock systems are standard in large office buildings, banks and warehouses. But many companies want to confirm that the systems are impenetrable even by the most talented of amateur would-be thieves. That's why many professional locksmith organizations offer to independently test lock systems and give detailed reports of their findings. In fact, many locksmith companies are committed to testing systems under the most realistic of conditions, meaning that they will attempt to "break in" and disarm security systems just as real criminals would. For organizations and property owners that value security above all else, regular testing of this kind can be of the greatest importance - not only are you able to learn from the assessments and feedback of the locksmiths, but you're able to do so without any actual loss of property. So don't hesitate to call your local locksmith company and ask about lock system testing, and how it can benefit your company.  

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