3 Steps Needed To Protect The Contents In Your Floor Safe From Water Damage

A floor safe is built into the flooring of a home revealing an almost seamless construction. While a floor safe is great for keeping valuable contents secure, it is more susceptible to water damage. This is due to the fact that many floor safes are not watertight. Therefore, if you live in a rainy climate you might risk damaging the contents in your safe. Luckily, there are a few ways you can successfully protect the items in your floor safe from water damage.

1. Double Bag Your Items into Plastic Bags

Plastic storage bags are great for use in a safe because they are waterproof. In order to get the maximum protection out of your bags, it is important to double bag all of your items. Double bagging helps to add an extra layer of protection in case the first bag is compromised.

2. Vacuum Seal Your Items

Vacuum sealing removes all of the excess air from inside the bag. Plastic bags that are closed manually usually have a few air pockets left. This becomes a huge problem for safes that are located in extremely humid environments. The excess moisture in the air has the potential to penetrate the safe and contaminate the area with mold and mildew. Vacuum sealing is especially good for protecting paper documents from any potential damage. If moisture is able to find its way into your paper documents then you will soon find yourself with documents that are almost impossible to read. As a result, once you seal in your contents it is important to avoid reopening them.

3. Place Your Items in Dry Bags

Before placing your valuable contents into the safe, you should place them in dry bags. These bags are designed to be waterproof and extremely durable. They are specially crafted for people that spend time in open bodies of water like rivers and lakes but also work well for other uses. Dry bags also include a roll-up or a zip closure that is designed to prohibit water from entering the bag from the top. These bags could be fully submerged in water and your items would still remain dry.

Valuable items that are kept in your floor safe need an extra layer of protection to protect them from the possibility of water damage. As a result, follow these steps in order to protect the valuable items in your safe from water damage.

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