Fired A Keyholder At Your Place Of Business? Take These Security Precautions Now

Firing an employee is always an unpleasant thing, and it can be particularly unpleasant if the person was a trusted and respected employee. If you have recently had to fire someone who held a key to your business, however, it is important for you to focus on protecting yourself and your business. These are a few security precautions that you should take immediately in this situation.

Change Your Locks

Obviously, one of the first things that you probably did when firing your keyholder was to ask for your key back. This isn't enough, however. You never know if the employee had a copy of your key made and has a spare lying around somewhere. It doesn't cost much to hire a commercial locksmith to come out and rekey or swap out your locks, but it'll provide you with peace of mind and help prevent the disgruntled employee from accessing your business.

Reset Your Security System's PIN

If your keyholder had a key to your business, he or she probably had the pin code for your security system, too. It should be easy to change the code; you can either check out the manual or call your security company to have it changed. Make sure that you change it to something that the person won't guess, such as previous codes that you might have used in the past.

Reposition Your Security Cameras

Your ex-employee probably knows exactly how your security cameras are set up and pointed and might use this information against you, such as by telling others or using this information to shoplift. Consider slightly readjusting your security cameras just in case, and keep a close eye on them, particularly if you notice that the ex-employee returns or if you see someone who you know associates with him or her.

Change Your Passwords

If you trusted the employee enough to give him or her a key to your place of business, you might have trusted him or her with other information as well, such as passwords for your managerial log-in on your point-of-sale system or passwords to your company email accounts. It's best to go ahead and change all of these passwords, even if you can't remember for sure whether he or she had this information. It's smart to change your passwords every few months anyway, and it's an especially good idea to do it now in case this information can be used against you in any way.

Some of these precautions might not seem necessary, but it is important to protect your business from the actions of a disgruntled employee. These are a few steps that you should take right away to help prevent any problems after firing a keyholder from your company.

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