How To Keep You House Locked Tight Against Burglar Recon Tricks

One thing that people often don't realize is that many burglars will do some recon in person on you and your house in order to gain information that will tell them whether your house would make a good target and exactly how they should go about robbing it. Here are a few common tricks they use including how you can deter their efforts in order to keep your house locked tight.

Delivery Recon

One common approach a burglar will use to try and gain information or even access to your house is either pretending to be a service person or using information from one. This could include someone cleaning your rug, someone painting your house, someone doing construction work, a repairman, a mailman, or anyone else who has access to your house in anyway way.

This means that it's important to actually pay attention when a stranger is in your home for any reason or when they have any information about who you are and what you're up to these days. For example, service people can often tell when you're on vacation if you stop newspaper delivery, or if they notice newspapers piling up.

Security systems can help with this issue in many cases due to the fact that you can get automated picture captures of anyone getting too close up on your lawn or lingering too long there. This is why security cameras with automation are so important.

Alarm Recon

Another common trick is for burglars to pretend to be taking a walk by your house. If they see an alarm control panel in your house through the clear glass, they can usually tell at a glance whether it's set. If it's not set, then they'll know they can come back the next night in order to break in and steal your valuables. This is why it' important to try to make sure that you install your alarm control panel in an area that isn't right next to a window seen from the front.

Marking for a Hit

It's also common for burglars to mark out houses they think are suitable for theft by putting tags of some kind on them. This is why you should always remove any flyers or advertisements for anything, including security companies, that you see left on your house. Burglars often use these as reminders to themselves. Even post it notes are good to remove for this reason.

Preventing burglaries takes vigilance. This includes countering any recon measures a burglar might take. You can ask a locksmith for help securing your commercial or residential property.

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