The Best Types Of Locks For Your Home

Aside from choosing a great locksmith to do a quality installation, the type of lock you choose will also affect your success in securing your home. Here are some of the best types of locks for home use. 

Knob Locks

These are one of the most common types of locks. With these safe and affordable locks, a locking mechanism is installed inside the door and attached to knobs on either side of the door. These knobs can be made more secure by adding a second type of lock to the door; it's possible to break a knob lock by jamming it open with brute force. 


You might choose to add deadbolts to all of your knob lock doors for an extra layer of security. Since a deadbolt relies on a thick metal piece to prevent intruders, it's much harder to open with simple force. There are ways to make deadbolts even more secure as well. Speak to your locksmith about adding a flip guard for maximum security. 

Electronic or Biometric Locks

Electronic locks and biometric locks are becoming more popular in home use. While the cost is higher than a simple mechanical locking system, it can provide you with additional options for customizing your locks and monitoring entry into your home. 

For example, a biometric locking system will allow you to control who enters your home. The lock must be programmed to recognize each authorized user. From there, you can track who enters the home and when. An electronic lock can work in the same way; if you give a different passcode to each person in the home, you can see which ones were used at different entry times. 

Designing a Great Lock System

Each of these locks has something to offer when it comes to protecting your home. But your locksmith may also suggest that you combine several of these kinds of locks to get maximum protection. If an intruder is able to defeat one locking system, there may still be a long lag time before they can enter your home if they have to figure out a second, different type of lock. 

And using different kinds of locks for different areas of the home can also help; you'll create an added layer of security in areas where you use an unexpected lock or a more secure locking system. Speak with your locksmith to determine the best system for protecting your home. 

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