Myths About Keyless Entry Locking Systems

Effective locks are essential for keeping your property and possessions secure. As with most other aspects of modern life, locks have undergone significant technological advances that can allow individuals to take advantage of a number of modern features. In particular, keyless entry can be a feature that can greatly improve the functionality of your locks.

Myth: Keyless Entry Is Only For Vehicles

Keyless entry is becoming a fairly common feature for new cars and trucks. However, individuals should avoid assuming that keyless entry is only suitable for vehicles. In reality, keyless entry systems are well-suited to residences and commercial buildings. This is particularly useful when your home has comprehensive security or smart home system installed as the keyless entry locks may be able to easily integrate into these systems to allow you to monitor them. For those that spend a lot of time away from home, this added security can be very valuable for their peace of mind.

Myth: Keyless Entry Systems Are Always Combination Based

Combination-based keyless entry systems can be a reliable and cost-effective solution, but they can be somewhat inconvenient to use as they will require individuals to remember the combination as well as potentially take longer to open due to the need to input this code. Luckily, keyless entry systems can support remote use and control. This may seem excessive, it can allow a person to easily unlock or lock their doors while also minimizing the amount of walking or standing that they have to do. Those with some medical problems may find that this feature can significantly reduce the difficulties that they experience when trying to lock or unlock their door.

Myth: A Keyless Entry System Will Be More Prone To Failure

While a keyless entry system will be far more advanced than a traditional lock, this does not mean that it will be harder to maintain or more prone to failure. In fact, keyless entry systems can be comparably as durable as more traditional locks. These systems may also include internal diagnostics that may alert you to when a problem is starting to develop so that repairs can be scheduled before the lock fails. In extreme situations, these systems can also be converted to manual mode, which can allow you to continue to keep the door secure while you wait for repairs to be completed. During instances of power failures, these locking systems will include a small battery backup that can allow them to remain functional until the electricity is restored.

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