Lockout Services

Locksmiths use a variety of resources to gain entry to the inside of a locked vehicle. Before you attempt to open a locked car yourself, contact a locksmith and provide them with information about your location and the make and model of your vehicle.

Hand Tools

A lockout kit contains a variety of hand tools that a locksmith will use to access a vehicle. Multi-car opening tools (MCOT) include an array of tools that are each equipped to perform a specific task. A wedge is the first tool that a locksmith may use. The wedge will place a gap between a vehicle's door and the glass window. This gap will allow a locksmith to easily fish a tool through the opening.

A locksmith uses great care when executing a lockout service. They will attempt to keep the tool away from the body of a vehicle. This will ensure that a vehicle's exterior does not become scratched.

A locksmith will use leverage to aid them in moving the tool's end along the inside of the vehicle. Once the tool has activated the locking device, the locksmith will pull the tool out of the car and will manually open the door. In some cases, the use of a manual tool is all that is needed to access a vehicle. In other cases, however, the steps below may need to be completed.


Key detection software, an automated key cutter, and reprogramming devices are often needed to replace a key or gain entry to a vehicle. If a locksmith isn't able to open a car door with a hand tool, they may use one of the technological options to get a driver back on the road.

First, a locksmith will ask a vehicle owner if they have lost the key to their vehicle. If they have, the locksmith will request the vehicle's VIN number. The number will aid with detecting the proper key model that will start the car.

A locksmith will use an automated key cutter to prepare a copy of the ignition key. This equipment can also be used to make trunk key copies. A key cutter is a piece of equipment that is used to create copies of house keys and business keys, too.

A locksmith may need to reprogram a wireless key fob. If the owner of a vehicle has the fob in their possession, the locksmith will perform the reprogramming duties at the location where the vehicle is parked.

Reach out to a local locksmith to learn more.

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