Keep Your Short-Term Rental Protected With The Right Locking System

The popularity of short-term rentals has afforded some homeowners the opportunity to rent out an investment property or portion of their home to generate extra income. If you are someone who uses this model, it goes without saying that it is important to protect your property, and your locking systems play a significant role in this protection process. Learn what steps you should take to increase protection.

Install Smart Locks

Consider installing smart locks at all the main entry points into the property. Smart locks are typically keyless locks that operate off Wi-Fi. With these locks, a tenant can access the property via a code that you issue to them, or you can unlock the door from your smartphone, wherever you are. 

Since you also have the option to change codes as often as you like, you can simply regenerate a new code at the end of the tenants' stay to end their access to the property. A locksmith can help install these locks to ensure they are calibrated properly. 

Setup a Locksmith Account

Contact a local locksmith and set up an account. Whenever you have multiple tenants using a property, there is bound to be one or two people who lose the key or fail to turn them in to you before their departure. In the event of a lockout, the last thing you want to do is spend extra time looking for a locksmith. 

With a locksmith account, you can quickly call and request services. If you are not at the property, the locksmith can easily send you a bill to avoid any service delays. 

Replace Damaged Locks

If any locks on the property are damaged, you should get them replaced as quickly as possible. Locks that are damaged are prone to rusting and are often misaligned on the inside. As a result, the key could be inserted inside the lock at any time and become stuck.

If a tenant is accessing the property and the key gets stuck, they will have to wait for a locksmith to retrieve the key or replace the lock altogether, which could be time-consuming. Replacing damaged locks beforehand reduces this risk and often boosts safety since damaged locks are usually easier to disengage.

With a properly working locking system installed on your property, you can do more to keep your investment safe. Speak with a locksmith for your home to install these options on your property and learn about additional measures you can take.

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